Thursday, 5 July 2007

Starting the loop

Some posers in the sun before tea and homemade cakes.
Alison holds the ceiling up as she displays her fantastic apron. A walk to the village duck pond.
Karen, Alison and Sara - an evening of Kantha 'stitch-in'.
Meg and Kaye's 'in-progress' Kantha stitching.

A beautifully resolved piece using lots of the new metallic techniques by Paula.

To start the loop - thread 19 Distant Stitch students who have just enjoyed the 2007 Summer School through the needle's eye at Urchfont Manor. Most of us ate too much so it was a tight squeeze! Maggie Grey led a super workshop on Metal Magic to put a real shine on our needle. (Enough of the metaphor - I'm beginning to struggle!)

Hope everyone had a safe journey home, especially those going to California, Rome and Kuwait. I look forward to reading other blogs soon.



  1. Lovely to see the pictures, memories of an exciting summer school. I will be updating my blog just as soon as I sort myself out.

  2. These blogs are a great idea! It's lovely to see these pictures so soon after the event. I've created a blog of my own - but please don't expect to see any work on it just yet!

  3. This is a great idea. I have started to link other students blogs on my blog page. Perhaps it would be a good idea for this LOOP to have all the links too. Thanks for publishing all the Summer School photos.

  4. Having a list of links is a good idea. Sorry if I sound a bit boring but some people might not want their blogs in the wider public domain so I think we should ask permission first before we publish links. I don't mind
    mine being linked. Boring bit over!

  5. Back home, fantastic to see all this blog flourishing! I'm taking the plunge and will soon create a blog too ... Thank you to all, it's been a fantastic time together.

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging Sian. I've met some very talented and generous stitchers this way. You've wetted my appetite and I hope to be able to go to next year's summer school.

  7. now that wasn't too scary, was it? well done for taking the plunge Sian, you will enjoy blogging, it's a very sociable activity.
    Summer school was fabulous, so glad I made the effort to be there. a big thank you to you and to Maggie, and all the other students for making it such fun.

  8. Many thanks for the Birds of Paradise Photos Sian. How much easier than jpeg attachments! !! We were delighted with the exhibition and now that Flight has landed we are ready for another challenge!! Best Wishes Hazel