Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Art in the Garden

Celebrating 60 years of adult education, Urchfont Manor recently organised an 'Art in the Garden' event. My STA (Stitched Textile Artists) masterclass created some wonderful additions to the 'official' art exhibits around the grounds after looking at a video of the work by environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. Even our lunch buffet seemed to be part of the fun.


  1. These are great. I especially like the cane with the nest of twigs at the bottom.

  2. hi
    I just wanted to ask if your contact page for Distance Stitch was working? I have left two messages in the last week but I have yet to have a reply.
    Many thanks,
    Email - alisonjcoll@aol.com

  3. these are great, and great fun. looks like they all really took to Andy Goldsworthy then. but I did think that showing us the buffet table at Urchfont was unnecessary cruelty!

  4. The garden art has a lovely tranquil quality and those salads look too pretty to eat.

    Sian, did you get my email, sent on the 10th of this month?

  5. What a shame we missed it!
    M + J