Friday, 4 January 2008

For Daniela and Molly

'Hydrangea' - An embroidery by Iris Martin on a circular woven surface. This was made first by hand weaving around the warp which was created on a circular frame, 'dorset button style'. The weaving was then removed from the frame and further stitching and applied shapes added.


  1. Oh Sian thank you so much for this beautiful hydrangea by your mother. I've done some research on circular weaving on the web and found a useful simple article on cardboard frames, also round ones, here is the link if someone is interested

  2. ... and I forgot, I also found an interesting article by Maggie Grey
    in Workshop on the Web, issue December 2006, "Let's Get Weaving", with an idea for circular weaving on a square wooden frame. I'm seeing woven Dorset buttons in my near future!