Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sara - for you.

Sara has just sent me some lovely textured surfaces made from grout and plaster - see her blog http://www.englishroseinkuwait.blogspot.com/. I've taken one image of the plaster on scrunched tissue through different 'image effects' in PaintShopPro. The results could be used as 2D texture as well as provide you with shapes for the 'shape study'. You could also take a small section and work from that. Ideas for everyone else working on the texture stage in Module 1 of the Diploma. Have fun.


  1. oooh, thank you Sian. I have copied these and will have a good play with them. I really must see if I can't get hold of a paint shop programme as I think it will give me another whole layer of possibilities.

  2. That's amazing how different they can look - I love the blue one and the jigsaw effect. I must have a go with mine now.

  3. great piece Sian! I've been thinking and talking to my friend Sharon about vessels and this is an inspiration! Molly