Monday, 5 October 2009

Goodbye SpIishy

Splish died during August. She was my constant studio companion of 14 years who knew just the right background to enhance her colouring. Below, Splish poses with the ever growing length of the 'path' for my 'Tread Softly' exhibit.

The Knitting and Stitching show opens at Alexandra Palace on Thursday 8th October and I shall be there if anyone wants to say hello. I'm not attached to a particular show or stand this year but I shall be spending some time at the Pfaff Art Embroidery exhibition if you'd like to seek me out. Look out, also for 'Thread Softly', my piece of work in this exhibition. An image of this was posted on 16th May 2009.


  1. Sian, I'm sorry to hear about Splish. It's lovely having a cat for company whilst working and you must miss her.

  2. I'm sorry to read this, too. It's so hard to go through the loss of a companion like that. A lovely friend and probably inspiration for an art piece or two?

  3. Dear Sian I'm so sorry, it must feel lonely in the studio these days

  4. How sad you must be feeling as they become such characters and are really as much part of the family as we humans.Thinking of you .
    Jenn x

  5. Dear Siân, I feel with you, it's always hard to loose a companion

  6. as everyone else, I am sorry to hear about Splishy, I know how attached I am to my cat. I am going to Ally Pally Saturday so may not see you if you are only there on Thursday.

  7. Hi Sian, it's sad to hear your news of must be missing her.
    I shall be at Ally Pally Saturday....will look out for you incase you are there then.

  8. So sorry to hear about Splish - every artist needs a cat. I'll be at Ally Pally on Saturday so I guesss I won't see you.

  9. How very sad, Sian. They give and take so much love and then it's hard to let go. Better to have loved and lost, as the great man said. Thinking of you.

  10. Loved your tread softly exhibit at Ally Pally. I went on the Sunday so did not expect to see you unfortunately.
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your long time stitching companion and celebrity poser for photos.
    Best wishes

  11. Sian,
    I can't imagine how strange and different the studio must be now without Splish. I know how closely you two worked together! I hope the pain has lessened since August and you can have thoughts about Splish more easily now, as you clearly remember those hands (paws) on moments.

  12. Sian,
    I am spending a few minutes scanning your blog- and as I also love the thrill of a posted message on my own blog I thought I would jot a few thoughts as I go through... so they might seem a bit disjointed but if you know your blog well it will all make sense!
    The diversity one can get with just a line is amazing - I love the 'concertina' effect of the shoulder piece.
    WE too went to see Banksy at the Bristol Gallery. It was a great success. The 2 hour queueing enhanced the experience (it was a sunny day!). It was such a stimulating show. I understand there is now a debate and voting as to whether Bristol should keep its graffiti and if so, which, if not all?

    I hope somehow my thoughts this minute for Jenny's family can support her. How terribly sad.

    I do miss Urchfont. What a wonderful class you had this summer, Sian. It must have been lovely for you to meet everyone there.
    Did I ever show you photos of Aliya's Gallsworthy inspired pieces... we work on such art whenever we can - beach, forest, glacier... and I have some plans for works in the snow here in Calgary this summer.
    The works from the summer in Ontario are just wonderful, 'tree colours' as one of the blogg comments says, are so restful and earthy. Love them. It was well worth the effort of putting up the images (which must have taken you a lot of time.) Thanks for showing us the work of your students.
    So that course was part of the E G Summer school - I had no idea.
    And then on to Colorado. I do love the scenery. We hope to get there one day. I think your upper shot of the Aspens is magnificent. We have Aspen woods in Calgary all the verticals - quite disturbing (when one loves curves) yet artists have done such diverse works based on that type of image.. Amazing how it can inspire so much creativity.
    Tread softly is a beautiful piece - I hope it did very well at the show/competition. Congratulations.
    And what a wonderfully light and airy piece Humming the Air is. It actually looks breezy-so that is possible, even over the web. Again I would love to see it and get even more from it.
    I am just starting to take an interest in encaustic. Although I have never tried it before. But it would be a great extension from waxing paper and stitching as we did in Part 3. I recently went to an exhibition here where the artist has worked with wax to create moulds as well as abstract pieces inspired by glaciers.... oh well, I ramble.
    I adore the vessel. Congratulations on its acceptance and exhibition.
    I am now back the beginning of this year, so I will stop there. It seems to have a been a busy, enjoyable and rewarding year for you Sian. Congrats and thanks.