Monday, 26 April 2010

TSG at the HUB Symposium

with David Littler (artist, curator and DJ; involved with Sampler-Cultureclash, and Berit Greinke (textile and surface designer, NOBELini prize winner to investigate 'laboratory disaster').
Both David and Berit lead us through activities to examine the connections between sound, the word, drawing and stitching.

We all recorded our voices on a continous sound recording loop, describing our favourite working tool and how we use it. To the sound of these continous words which became a pattern of audio shapes and textures, a continous canvas is stitched with 'tape' pulled from old audio tape cassettes. This tape is conductive so will respond to the audio sensors rubbed over it later.

Communal drawing on our own patch and extending into our neighbours. The continuous length of paper kept moving and we kept drawing with graphite sticks and powder.
Put your sound on for these two movies below.

Berit Greinke holds the sensor over samples of her woven textiles made with conductive fibres to pick up the pattern of the different weaves which are converted into sounds.
Mary Sleigh 'tries her hand' at making music by connecting with the conductive graphite drawing and holding hands with Berit who, in turn, holds the hand-held sensor on another part of the drawing, thus forming a conductive loop.


  1. Thanks for sharing what a fascinating day you must have had.

  2. Thank you for this it sounds like you all had great fun!

  3. This is the most interesting thing I have looked at and listened to for a while. Made all the more fascinating by the link I made with an item I listened to on the BBC world service this morning about a graffiti artist who has continued his art even though he is completely paralysed. Technology allows him to use only his eyes to construct the images. The boundaries between our senses and creative sources are blurring.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. What a great workshop, something completely different, I wish I had attended, thanks for sharing it.
    It was a great symposium with a great deal of food for thought.

  5. Wacky or what!
    At last some use for all those cassette tapes we no longer use.
    What a fun workshop - hope you had a great time.

  6. Well - thanks for sharing that one - it sounds absolutely fascinating Sian.

  7. What an exciting day that must have been. I love the idea of a crossover between stitch and sound.

  8. What an exciting day that must have been. I love the idea of a crossover between stitch and sound.