Monday, 29 November 2010

Colour in the snow

A sprinkling of snow over Urchfont Manor.
The 'Stitched Textiles' Masterclass had a colourful experience at Urchfont Manor recently despite the fall of snow which covered the grounds and trees with a blanket of white. We warmed ourselves with the strong colours of this still life and used different aspects as a basis for design work during the weekend. Thank you to Carol Griffin for the lovely photos.


  1. How lovely,hope to see the work it inspired.Keep warm! Jenn

  2. Wonderful to have this colourful look at what you're doing at Urchfont in winter! I'm thinking of the vegetable garden there how it may look under the snow ...I wish I were there, Daniela

  3. Wow!! That certainly does cheer you up on a grey day, bet you had fun with this