Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Zen life drawing workshop

A wall of my drawings - a small selection produced during the Zen workshop. Notice how much interest my model for my sketchbook drawings takes in these new ones.
We were limited to six drawing implements - three dry and three wet. These were given a number - 1 to 6. The appropriate implement was used when the number was called out, taking away the need for decision-making and rather liberating.
The model posed for a series of short poses (2, 3 or 4 minutes) and one or two longer one - (10, 15 minutes), changing position after each one. Some drawings were done on top of previous one.

Drawing with an implement in both hands!
Drawing with left hand and wet material!
Holding implement in mouth!


  1. Looks like great fun.I did one where the implements were attached to wire etc so they moved as you drew.Achallenge.

  2. These sketches of yours are absolutely wonderful! You are obviously very gifted and trained, but this method looks great - little choice and almost no time - scary!!

  3. It's interesting how you can still see yor basic style despite the different methods of producing the sketches. In the first photo, the embroidery in the top right hand corner has the same curves as the model!