Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy Saint David's Day to all my Welsh friends and students

Yes, this is me, a new hair colour and new glasses! A whole weekend of drawing at Hawkwood College in the Cotswolds, with my wonderful colleagues in the Textile Study Group and Audrey Walker as tutor. Time to think about ideas towards the TSG's new exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching Shows this autumn; photos for the catalogue by the end of May - so you can see that we all have tight deadlines to work to.

Drawings of edges of cloth fragments using pens, masking fluid and inks. Watch out for further developments of the lovely curved edge, top right below in future postings.
Pages from my sketchbook with small prints taken from fragments of cloth - positive and negative in my search for the 'unexpected'.
Ruth and Bobby in conversation.
Drawings line the walls in a thoughtfully active studio at Hawkwood College set in the lovely Cotswold countryside.

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  1. And to you too though it's now 2nd!What a lovely weekend among all those creative people.The marks are delicious and very "unexpected"