Thursday, 31 May 2012

A life-time’s ambition

I’ve wanted to visit Pompeii ever since I heard about it at school. Last week I fulfilled my ambition and also visited Herculaneum on the coast that was similarly covered with ash from the eruption of Vesuvius.

I could post so many wonderful images but here are just a few that I particularly find intriguing – all from Herculaneum. The last one might find itself as my Christmas card design one year!



Elegance and figures on an interior wall in Pompeii.



Beautiful colours; the disintegrating shapes add to the intrigue – a ready-made composition!


The fast food joint with large pots set into a counter surface keeping the food warm or cold.



Christmas camels?


  1. So jealous Sian! The second picture would make a lovely printed fabric.

    1. Yes it would Jane. I've had a large scale print done of my figures by 'Fingerprint' - thanks for your contact ideas. Should be arriving today!!

  2. Beautiful pictures Sian - love the colours!