Friday, 19 April 2013

Taking off

Pin board thinking!


Yet again, collating things on my studio wall has helped me notice a connection between a couple of drawings of my ‘umbrella’ project and my current focus on the sweeping, swooping flow of the murmuration of birds over the Somerset wetlands. These two projects might have seemed unconnected and perhaps a bit of ‘latent thinking’ has helped to form a relationship between the two stories. So new sketchbook pages can now be rotated to vertical alignment for my next stage of thinking – nearly taking off.

sunset1   Sunset2   

sunset3   sunset4


  1. Love the connection here, the introduction of the pale maroon is beautiful, as are the straight lines against the rhythmic curves and swirls of the flight patterns. Looking forward to seeing more development.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging comments Sharon.Will keep going. Your certificate will be in the post to you on Monday.