Monday 9 December 2013

‘Approaches to Stitch’–now printed

My latest creation – or rather a part of a creation - is this exciting book on mixed media stitch techniques, edited by Maggie Grey.

It features six well known textile artists. It originally had a working title of ‘Six of the Best’ but Maggie wisely decide that this title would give ‘interesting’ and possibly inaccurate results if it was searched for online. So ‘Approaches to Stitch’ it is.

approach cover

I’m excited to share this with you, particularly my own workshop contribution, of course and have copies I can sell to you – see details below.

A free online workshop is offered to accompany the book on this link which shows you how to make your own observational drawings in preparation for making your own still life drawing in wire and stitching. Surprise yourself with your drawing skills!

charcoal jug1   still life1

You can buy the book from me and have the added bonus of a lovely personal message in your book, for you or a friend if giving as a gift.

I will send your book off to you as soon as I receive your email – much quicker and more reliable than Amazon!

The price is £16, with an added postage of £2 for UK addresses and £7 for non-UK addresses.

UK purchasers are asked to pay by cheque, but non UK purchasers are welcome to use PayPal, although an extra £2 will be added to to cover the levy added by PayPal.

Address for cheque and PayPal link will be sent by email once your order has been received.

Please give the following information in your email -

Your name and address

Your method of payment

The name of person to whom you’d like the personal message addressed.

Email me to order your copy of ‘Approaches to Stitch’


  1. An excellent teacher and this book wil be a winner. Cas s H

  2. Thank you Cas. Loved your book too. Merry Christmas - Sian xx