Monday, 31 October 2011

‘Say something beautiful’

A day away from the computer for lunch near leafy Queen’s Square, kicking the leaves and looking at the graffiti art work on the walls of Nelson Street in Bristol. Thanks to Anne for reminding me about this ‘event’. It will probably be there for ages yet so if you have a chance to visit Bristol, take a walk from the Broadmead shopping area towards the open areas of the Horsefair towards the Waterside area of town. Nelson Street is normally a bit dingy but is now enlivened by these interesting artworks. A sunny Sunday afternoon brought lots of people out with their camera so we ‘queued’ to take our photos. I’ve posted some that are different to Anne’s blog




I was particularly fascinated by the ones that acknowledged the existing structure of the building with their work; a good lesson when considering a textile installation in a specific site – note to Embroidery Diploma students!




I’m sad I completely missed the ‘dust art’. Another excuse for lunch at ‘Graze’?


  1. i saw a video recently about the 'making' of this street event and apparently one of the buildings was an old law court or something similar where many of the Bristol graffiti artists had appeared in the 1980's for defacing bristol! how the times hav changed. I missed the 'say something beautiful'

  2. Every time I see a post about these, there are photos of bits I didn't see. I shall have to go again. (By the way - it was the magistrates court, opposite the entrance to my old workplace).