Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Scary Halloween pairs!

double trouble

Beatrice and Amelie

Sian & Eira coronation day

My sister and I on coronation day 1952 – I’m the taller one, aged 2 and a half; Eira would be about 18 months, the same age as Beatrice - the little witch above! The page girl costumes were made by my mother so we could take part in the village fancy dress parade.


Brenda’s singing marionettes, Joan and Derby. They are part 2d and part 3D. Puzzled blog readers note that this image is nothing to do with the others except they are a pair of figures which I have posted for Sharon who is working on ideas for a 3D figure for her Diploma.


  1. What gorgeous little girls Sian!

  2. What a lovely memory, you and your sister look so proud.
    The marionettes are brilliant, I love the facial expression on the left one, thanks for putting them up for me.