Thursday, 12 July 2012

The very last time

Happily, my very last stay at Urchfont was a lovely occasion and, yes folks, the sun shone!


Group photo with tutors – Sandra is on the far left sitting next to Melanie and Alison.

Dawn is sitting second from right, between Daniela and Carrie. I’m sitting in the centre between Sheila and Jane – just incase you didn’t recognise me!

Standing, from the left – Ros (sometimes known as Pam). Viv, Anne, Alison, Sue, Lesley, Jenn - peering over Meg’s shoulder, Jackie, Stephanie, Pam and Gwen .

Sians Farewell Gift 1

Lasting memories of Urchfont – stitched pieces as a gift to me - made by members of Sandra’s class who were working with digital imagery. Such a moving present. Hankies were used.

last coffee

Last coffee in front of the large fireplace in the foyer –starring, from the left, Alison, Carrie, Daniela, Anne, Sue, Viv, with Jenn and Meg kneeling.

last meal

Last lunch, starring all the colourful salad dishes.


last sunset

Lovely sunset from the Stableyard, looking over the carpark.

Thank you to our wonderful two tutors, Sandra Meech and Dawn Thorne for giving such interesting workshops. You’ll see from the pics on the Distant Stitch Summer Gallery that all enjoyed this special event. I’ve put a few here for you to see some images of the last Urchfont Summer School.


Dawn Thorne demonstrating to Alison


Sandra Meech


Lesley – “Shall I rip this here?”

But please note that next year we will move this event to Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds, (just south of Stratford on Avon). The dates will be Friday 5th July, starting at 16.00 until Monday, 8th July after lunch. This will be the same length but will straddle a weekend to make it easier for many of you to be able to attend.


  1. I had a wonderful time. It was lovely to see everyone again. Thanks for organising the Summer School Sian. I've got lots of happy memories of Urchfont and it's so sad that I won't be going again

  2. Lovely to see familiar faces in the photos. Bet you all had a great time as usual. I've great hopes for making it in 2013, wow, that sounds a long way off. Helen

    1. Just getting the 2013 ino ready to go up on the website, so keep an eye open. The booking won't be available until the autumn but there will be several pics to whet your appetite. So book your flight now Helen (5th - 8th July 2013)

  3. Its lovely to see the photos of our sunny time at Urchfont.

    Thank you, Sian, for organising a wonderful Summer School with such brilliant Tutors. I had a wonderful time and am very pleased with my completed (always a bonus) piece. Sad not to be returning to Urchfont but looking forward to Summer School 2013. Susan

  4. Great photos Sian and thanks for a wonderful Summer School.
    Sad not to be going to Urchfont again but I'm sure the new venue will be great too.Viv

  5. I enjoyed Summer School enourmously, thank you Sian for giving us these opportunities. Great to see friends old and new!