Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pretty as a picture

One of my summer projects is to produce an online workshop for the Distant Stitch website. My first workshop which I am just finishing is ‘Decorated Papers, with a demonstration video and an accompanying manual. All good fun to do –especially the video! There is a gallery of finished pieces at the end and I am including images of how these decorated papers could be used for different crafts. I thought that Carrie might be amused to see how well her stitched images (given as part of my precious Summer School ‘gift’) looks framed by one of them. I used a little wooden Indian block to print this paper using bleach on a previously inked and salted paper. I thought the decorated paper and the stitched image worked so well together. I hope Carrie will allow me to use this image in the workshop.




  1. Beautiful picture and beautiful frame - and yes they do work so well together.

  2. This looks great,workshop sounds intriguing too.

  3. I would feel privileged!


  4. So effective Siân! I remember Carrie's lovely contribution well! Sounds like you are having fun with the video - I look forward to seeing the end result! Ros

  5. I would love to join your online workshop if ever your pursue it. Your works looks fantastic. Its totally amazing.

    1. I'm pleased you like the look of this decorated paper. Would you like me to email you when the workshop is available online? Sian