Thursday, 23 August 2012

Not as clever as I thought

Wanting to travel light to Manchester as I was going by train and staying overnight and I also needed to bring back a big box of my work with me, I decided not to take my camera but to take photos with my new phone. Good thinking I thought and took lots of pics to show you on my blog. I even managed a short video of a group of us taking down a super piece by Jae Maries which involved us all standing in a line to hold it as someone positioned it on a very long length of packaging on the floor.  I rushed to the computer on my return only to find that, after an hour of unsuccessful clicking, I couldn’t find a way of downloading anything! You might laugh, but I did some lateral thinking and sent everything to the computer by email instead, what a great idea and it only took another two hours! The video wouldn’t ‘send’ – too big I expect.

So here are two images and expect another posting soon when I’ve coerced someone ‘young’ to come and show me a new skill! I’ve made a note not to feel impatient when students tell me they can’t do something with their computer and have to ask a child!

Just two pics with more to come later. The first is the entrance to the gallery which is part of the Art School of Manchester university. Perhaps you can see the decorative ‘school of art’ letters. The building was opened in 1930.


Second pic shows my two pieces just before they were taken down so have their packaging placed alongside ready. Those who might have seen an image of the larger one might notice that it was hung facing the wrong way but as the digital print was good quality on both sides of the fabric it didn’t really matter and even I didn’t notice for a while.


Here is the piece by Jae Marie's with hundreds of stitched figures strung across a corner of the gallery. The length of the white strip to roll it in shows you how long it was. Working together as part of a group developed a new meaning. Video will follow.





  1. It looks like it will be a lovely exhibition, looking forward to more photos. I helped in set up for our exhibition last week - remembered the camera - forgot the memory card! Sooo near!

  2. Thanks Sian, I was in Manchester... but just before the show opened... Sooo near! but now so far.

  3. I have to admit that's the way I transfer my photos to my computer! I'm sure Bluetooth would work but not worked it out yet! Would have loved to have seen the show

  4. This "new" technology is so great but so frustrating trying to get it it to work! Sorry the work was hung wrong way round but it looks great anyway! Looking forward to the video!