Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stitch progress

A walk towards the River Parrett to the bird hide to do some bird watching and drawing.

bbird hide2 bird hide1

A lovely peaceful place with benches to sit on as you view through the opened wooden ‘windows’.

I think I would have seen more birds in my garden but I did see a few, but enjoyed drawing the long grasses that bordered the pond more. Must take graphite stick with me next time as the thin drawing pen was too – thin.


I’ve started stitching into the perforated vellum – adding a few stitches per day, but enjoying the lack of a rush to finish something for an exhibition deadline.

I added a piece of ‘map’ to the back and machined more lines of perforations. Might rip this off again … or not.



  1. Lovely to hear you mention the River Parrett, many happy hours spent there with my parents. Great to see how you are developing the stitches, a lovely feeling of bird shapes and flight patterns - map a brilliant bonus and context.
    An inspiring start to my day, cheers Judith

  2. I like the translucent quality of the vellum and the trails left by the perforations. It's nice sometimes to let a piece of work just take its own time.