Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday sunshine stitching .

After doing some early morning stitching with my little assistant, thought I’d take another look at it against the window. The shadow of the creeping clematis adds tonal qualities to it that have given me food for thought.

stitch window 3

Yesterday I waxed a small piece of tissutex and attached some scrim and fragments of map to the reverse in the ironing process. More perforated lines of machine zigzag ‘stitching’, intending to take heed of Meg’s suggestion to use fly stitch instead of straight stitch. This stitch formation still didn’t work but I then tried stitching across the parallel lines of perforations in simple loose stitches. They are a bit pale in this photo below but I hope you can see them. The darker thread I’m using in the vellum piece above is quickly running out – its a dark grey stranded cotton. I took the skein with me to town yesterday to match it up. The shop was closed and when I got home, found I’d lost the skein I’d taken with me! Perhaps this is telling me something? Colour perhaps?

stitch wax2

Just got back from the village war memorial – a huge crowd, a wonderful trumpet solo and brilliant sunshine. Left with a feeling of its good to be alive and back to some more stitching and a lovely stint in the garden.

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