Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Things could still change!

A few extra thoughts via the notebook toying with spiralling thoughts and ways of placing and composition.

Also remembered the corrugated spiral structures I made for Module Three.

corrugated notebookspirals

So, the finished piece – a stack of five Shibori spirals placed on a square mirror. Maybe a long tin mirror with them placed in a row? Maybe place them upright to look downwards? Still moving things around although running out of time as it has to be packed up by the end of this week!


Now to think of a title. It is so abstracted since my first drawings of the birds swooping across the sky, that I hope I can use a few words to make a connection.

A few scribbled notes -

‘the ballet in the skies at sunset’

‘a sunset moment in the sky ballet’

‘a moment in the sky ballet at sunset’

‘sky ballet at sunset’




  1. Loop the loop came to mind.
    Maddy Prior's song Dance on the Wind is a beautiful song to listen to for inspiration although she was writing about ravens!

  2. It's beautiful Sian. How about including the murmuration theme in the title? Something like "Murmured Moment" or "Momentary Murmurs"

  3. Beautiful Sian! I love the diamond arrangement on the mirror. I like Judith's idea of "Dance on the Wind" as well as Meg's murmuration. I'm fascinated by the fact that you have captured the movement in a split second and stilled it so maybe the title could suggest that ("Movement Stilled"?)

  4. Another thought - if the mirror they were sitting on had an organic shape taken from your earlier drawings it would echo the shape of the flock of birds. I don't know how easy (or hard!) it would be to get a mirror cut to such a complex shape in less than a week.

  5. I love the piece just as it is, the reflection of the window, it looks like a roof light, makes me think of birds escaping upwards, so it got me thinking how important that might be when the piece was displayed. Don't know if you have any control over that, but the bigger the mirror the more it might impact the piece.
    How about sunset murmurs, or murmurs at sunset.

  6. They remind me of nests. What about 'roosting at sunset' or 'gone to roost'? Lots to think about! I do like your drawing of the ones hanging on a rod perhaps they could be on a long narrow mirror but in a single undulating line to give the impression of movement?

  7. What wonderful and inspiring title possibilities that I hadn't thought of. Thank you so much - I've written them all down and will try arranging the spirals into a longer formation. I'm a bit worried about how fragile a stack might be in a public space anyway.