Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bicycle wheels for Sheila


Drawings of the front wheel done from different angles and positions in the studio; all done on the same sheet on top of a large drawing of the spokes. I like this close-up section – above.


Above - a close-up of the spokes which show an interesting spiral effect and not just radiating lines when you look closely. The white lines are drawn with a candle which resisted the brown colouring of the floor boards seen through the spokes.


Above - close-up drawing on small rectangle of black paper and placed on crumpled brown paper. The lines were extended into this brown paper and some shapes cut away and some spaces lightened between the lines. This brown layer was then placed onto a larger sheet of white paper and the lines extended again. A bit over-done on the over-decorated brown layer but perhaps you get the idea.


  1. Hope Sheila doesn't mind others seeing these! wonderful.

  2. These are really energetic, love the last pic.