Sunday, 16 June 2013

Working Together - some tlc with the Textile Study Group at Farncombe

A dual workshop with tutors Ruth Issett and Bobby Britnell who swapped over groups half way through the weekend. The ‘t’ stood for ‘tearing’; the ‘l’ stood for ‘layering’ and the ‘c’ stood for ‘colour’.

I was part of the group of students who worked with Ruth for the first half of the weekend and started to use ‘colour’.

We were rationed with choosing just two colours from primary and secondary colours plus a white. These two colours were acrylic paints applied by roller and procion dyes applied with brushes onto squares of cartridge paper and tissutex. Building up layers created interesting mixtures from the bold cadmium yellow and turquoise I chose to work with.


Now to pattern, using monoprinting – rationed this time to vertical and horizontal lines – i.e. grids of any sort.


‘Tearing’ and ‘layering’ then began the process of devising further grid formations which then evolved into composition variables. Fascinating to group and re-group the individual squares.




Bobby then led the second half of the workshop. The idea was to work into the coloured squares with the additional methods that Bobby introduced.

The first exercise was to ‘draw’ the layered strips made previously – left below. We did this with graphite (middle) and puncturing (right).




A leap into curved lines with marks made with gesso and other punctured methods.


…………… and a few stitches……


Could this be the beginning or the end? Unintentional marks made on a scrap background. Don’t you just love it when this happens?



  1. Lucky you to have such a great workshop,I'm very envious.It's really interesting what lovely images come from such simple beginnings.

  2. Beautiful Images, I can't really tell which one I prefer

  3. I go with Jen. Some stunning images using very simple marks

  4. Adopted the practice of putting paper on the work surface after Module 3 - its great what happens with all those 'bleed throughs', brush strokes off the edge and other curios - the images seem more relaxed, don't they? Its a wonderful bonus to look forward to...

  5. Wonderful to see how your ideas evolved.

  6. You seem to have produced so much Sian. It was a fabulous weekend.

  7. That looks like a fun way to spend some time. Cheers

  8. Wonderful samples and the last picture is a work of abstract art

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  10. Wow Sian! That looks a fantastic workshop. Thanks for posting it in so much detail that we can try it for ourselves at home. Love your final unintentional piece.

  11. Absolutely LOVE this! Thank you Sian - I'm beginning to 'get' what keeping a sketchbook involves! :) Beautiful, beautiful, inspiring work! :)