Sunday, 11 May 2014

Summer Drawing Project– Lesson One

The Summer Drawing Project - first stage called 'The Pyjama Scribble' because I shall be doing this while drinking my morning cuppa and still in my pyjamas and it will be a quick, relaxed way of loosening up your drawing hand and getting your drawing 'stride'. PS You don't have to be wearing pyjamas to do this! Practice this exercise this week and we'll move on to the second stage next Monday.

LESSON ONE - Finding your mark and your mark makers. What type of mark do you make most naturally? What does your hand and arm like to do? Try different sorts of marks and cover a whole page with one type of mark, turning the page around to 'play' with the way these marks look on the page. Try one type of mark today, another type tomorrow etc.
Fill a whole page each day (or maybe a double page) and use different markers that you have to hand. These don't have to be expensive 'artist' pens and sticks - include the biro you write your shopping list with. What colours? Any that are to hand? A chosen range that reflects your mood?
Work quickly without too much 'contrived' planning. Be spontaneous, relaxed and enjoy.
Try to leave your sketchbook and tray of collected markers out in a place that you can sit at tomorrow when you turn your page and experiment with another type of mark. Try to do this each day. Would you like to share your favourite page? Please show us all next weekend by leaving a message and an image attached to this 'lesson'.


LESSON TWO next Monday 12th May

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  1. I will be taking part but I do not have a Face ok page. Is there somewhere else we can post pictures of what we do.
    This project sounds great.