Monday, 12 May 2014

Summer Drawing Project–Lesson 2

I hope that you now feel ‘loosened up’ after last weeks lesson! It is great to see a few pages from your sketchbooks on Facebook. Thank you for posting them. You can start at any time you like, so if you wish to join in, just get your sketchbook and a few markers and get stuck in!

If you found Lesson One challenging, you were probably trying too hard, so try again at a time when you feel relaxed and not too tense. Scribble quickly and don’t think too anxiously about it – let your hair down as they say. (I hesitate to suggest that a glass of wine might help!)

Now to LESSON TWO – Vigorous scribbling continues but with a twist. Scribble up against a hard edge. This will give you a shape. Your hard edge could be a cup, credit card, cut card shapes, your hand  – anything you like.

Using a piece of card can give you a positive shape as well as an outside edge. Look at the positive and negative shapes here.  The outside shapes are called ‘stencils’ and the inside shapes called ‘templates’. (So the window is a stencil and its resulting square is a template.)

Overlap your scribbled areas and use different markers. I found that my pens didn’t like scribbling over the crayons, so soon learnt to use the pens first and finish with the crayons. Be mindful of what is happening on your pages and develop your own ideas from this starting point.

I started to see all sorts of ideas resulting in these – feathers, animal markings, hills, flowers. But start by playing and don’t try to create a specific ‘picture’ at the beginning; allow your ideas to start from the simple edge and then develop into more complex shapes.

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