Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sketchbook Day 23–a few away-days


It was lovely to meet Julia Green, a Distant Stitch student that some of you will have met at Summer School 2012 in Ruth’s workshop. Julia was one of my students at the Gilding the Stitch workshop in Solihull, Birmingham yesterday.

I’m off again this morning for a couple of days to an area of South Wales that is my favourite place and was where I spent my childhood – the Gower peninsular, near Swansea, the first area to be awarded the title of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ in the UK.

My parents who were both artists and designers (as well as mother being a well known embroiderer) contributed drawings for a regular publication by the Gower Society. These have just been re-printed as greetings cards for fund-raising. My brother, husband and myself are invited to an event in Gower to launch this tomorrow. I thought you might like to see an example of their work. Below are two scenes around Penrice castle which is where this event will be held tomorrow – in a marquee rather than the castle ruins I hope!

penrice1  penrice2

SKETCHBOOKDAY 24 – Away in Gower

As I’ll be away today and tomorrow, this will be two days of rest. A pic to give some interest to this day - I finally managed to get a drawing I was pleased with of the clematis growing over my window. It was a rainy day so I worked from the lines within a paper frame stuck to my workroom window. Isn’t it good to get a printed version on the opposite page. This could also be worked into.

agarden5 c2

I was interested to hear that you have also been using Windows Live Writer to set up the info on your blog Daniela. You mentioned that the images don’t enlarge. I’ve checked this on yours and can see that this is the case. I’ve checked it on mine and they seem to enlarge, but not hugely.

Looking forward to the next sketchbook day on Tuesday. See you all then!


  1. The lefthand image could be stitch,it's lovely.Hope you have a few relaxing days.
    To create curved marks I used a banboo pen though anything which is more blunt than a craft knife should be ok.

  2. The prints are wonderful - I love this style and the detail is amazing.

    I think the problem with photos not enlarging on blogs is to do with the size of the digital image. This can usually be adjusted on the camera. Try increasing the picture size to large - you might need a larger capacity memory card though!

  3. You're only testing that I read your blog! Thank you for a lovely workshop. The exhibition went really well. Ann Bravey visited Maggie's evening lecture on Friday. It was lovely to meet up with her again. I will crack on with my course work and sketchbook project starting... erm.... Monday? Thanks Sian.

  4. Sorry I missed you yesterday Sian. I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie's talk (with Clive on Powerpoint). Inspiring. And, yes, it was great to see Julia again. I'm thinking of joining her group - the standard of work is impressive!