Saturday, 20 August 2011

Drawing Project Plan

I hope you’ve had a bit of time to catch up with the 30 day sketchbook tasks! I promised I’d let you know my plans for a future drawing project so here it is -

A monthly Drawing Project, starting at the beginning of September.

Each project will involve a topic to study and a few ideas of drawing method and technique. You can make this relate to your own current design theme if you wish by combining the two to make use of your time and to expand your personal studies.

The first topic will involve looking at textiles. I have an ulterior motive for this as I am starting a study for a piece of work based on some element of the textile and costume collection at Platt Hall, Manchester. I shall be visiting the Museum next week with my sketchbook and pencil as I have an appointment to take a look at certain samples of their lace collection.

I can’t resist adding an image to this posting. Here is a close up of a little Christening gown a thoughtful friend gave me.


Look forward to seeing you in September!


  1. This sounds like a lovely idea Sian. It keeps the momentum of the sketchbook project, but gives us time to do other things as well. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Looking forward to this, monthly sounds workable! Thankyou so much for doing this over your summer holiday it has been very enjoyable

  3. Thanks for your commitment to getting us creative,I've really enjoyed it.I have some vintage textile pieces which I've been wondering what to use for,now I know.

  4. I'm looking forward to the drawing project. I'm afraid I couldn't keep up with the summer sketchbook project without stopping work on what I should have been doing. I'm going to try everything though at some point. I hope you enjoy yourself at Platt Hall. It used to be a Sunday afternoon excursion when we were children

  5. Sounds really interesting, Sian, I hope i manage to keep up with you while on my travels, it would be great to join in.