Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sketchbook Day of rest – sunflowers but no sun shine!

If you have been trying to leave messages on my blog and been unable to, please know that you are not alone. Here is a message from Catherine via email as I promised to paste it here as well.

"Blogger won't let me post comments on your blog, which I've tried to do throughout.  I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the project.  I am too far behind to really feel a part of it with everyone else (the pace is hectic - could you post just every second day next year?) but I'll continue with it in my own time.
It has made me determined to keep a small sketchbook all the time now and draw something each day.  Your guidance has given me new ideas and expanded my view of what drawing is.  Thank you for that.
Another great pleasure has been to see your own beautiful drawings as well as those of other students.  I am quite gobsmacked at the talent there is around!  It has been a tremendous amount of work for you, but very much appreciated."
Thank you for your lovely comments Catherine.

I've also been unable to leave messages to several of you. Will try to find time to send a complaint to 'Blogger'.

In the meantime - I've been taking a close look at my sunflowers by doing some line drawings in my sketchbook, ready to do some stitching.



  1. I'm so envious. We must have planted at least 20 sunflower seeds. Only two came up, one got eaten by slugs and the other is barely 2ft tall with no sign of a flower!

  2. I am new to your blog Sian, but I have loved doing the drawing exercises and seeing what other people have been doing too. It has been very encouraging. Thank you so much for your work in doing this.