Thursday, 1 September 2011

September Drawing Project – Textile Detail

This drawing project is a study of a textile; all the little details rather than the whole piece – that will come later.

I chose to study two textiles - the details on this little dress (see 20th August , titled ‘Drawing Project Plan’). The stitching is done by machine so perhaps dates it at the end of the 19th century (Anne, you might be able to correct me?) And my second choice is an old silk fan (given to me by Constance Howard as I had just made my piece – ‘Fan Fair’ way back in the 1980’s.
This project will be divided into two sections and posted separately. The first section is called ‘Slow Drawing’ making controlled, careful study drawings. The second section will involve development of these detail drawings, using other media to convey the effects in your drawings – a bit more of a free spirit!

The start of this Project is posted here on my blog – then continue by looking at the Distant Stitch website.

Enjoy your weeks of drawing textiles. I’m looking forward to seeing your drawings on your own blog. Keep a look out for ideas for developing your drawings in a few weeks time. Happy drawing – remember that a small something each day will build up a large body of wonderful work!


  1. Hi Sian, looking forward to catching up with this september project. there is an interesting book on baby gowns 'Baby wore white-robes for special occassions 1800-1910' by Heather Toomer. Yes it probably is late 19th century although sometimes it is difficult to date them just by construction. the one you have drawn is lovely

  2. Great new project Sian, just jumped on line, courtesy of McDonalds, while on our travels, and love what you've put up.
    I've been studying beautiful wall hangings at Chambord Chateau in the Loire today, so think I'll start with them.
    I also saw some wonderful baby gowns in Villandry, I think they were hand worked Broderie Anglaise, will try to put some pics up on the blog.