Monday, 12 March 2012

Shibori in Jersey

Shibori workshops and fog kept me in Jersey for nearly a week. Hello to all the new Shibori addicts I met and have fun working with at the Jersey Textile Showcase. The Gala Dinner, one evening, required a 'smart' outfit so I 'shibori'd' a silk top with marbles and wrapped string for the occasion.

We saw the coastline during a particularly low tide which revealed rocks, tree stumps and wrecks not normally exposed. Note how high up the lighthouse is and also how well matched my 'glam' top was to the rocks!

The Textile Showcase event took place at venues around the Harbour Gallery at St Aubin, seen above my right shoulder below. As  you might imagine, it was quite a hardship living and working on this quayside!

Now that the fog has cleared and allowed me to leave the island, I can return to my 'day job' and I will be keen to catch up with everyone who is waiting for me to look at their blog.


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