Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bubbles and stripes!

Another drawing of my discus thrower combined with the circles to suggest movement but ended up looking as if he was having a bubble bath! Back to simplicity and I was pleased to remember that our very own 21st century disc is a CD. So a rubbing in the brown paper sketchbook which decided me that the stripey effect of the paper was not good in this situation so made another rubbing on plain paper.


  1. Great idea to use a CD as a rubbing, I like the brown paper one it shows up the ridges well and the outside edges look a bit like clouds.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Sharon - helps put a different perspective. I thought I could also try turning the drawing at an angle so the stripes were diagonal, suggesting a bit more movement perhaps. Sian

  2. I wouldn't have thought that something with such a smooth surface would give such good results. I like the rubbing on the brown paper - the shading makes it look like it is floating on the page.

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