Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Waving the flag

finish1finish1- purplefinish1-orange


While I wait for my order of Abaca tissue to make a start on my large figure piece, I cleared my table to find large table space for working on. As I watched the ‘white stuff’ descend for the sky and cover the garden, I thought I would make a flag or two for a magazine editorial I’m planning in June. These are small 20 x 20 squares which could be cushion or bag. It was fascinating to work out how a simple Seminole patchwork method can be used to make what I had always considered such a complex flag design. I’ve had fun with colours too – but only digitally as I don’t want to spend time in the tower! The left hand ones are the original colours but wouldn't it be nice if……..

sleet1‘White stuff’ at the end of April!!!!

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