Saturday, 19 January 2013

Developing the line

studio cat

As the snow slowly disappears and looks less interesting to call me out doors, I’ve spent the afternoon going through some plan chest drawers (with my studio assistant) to seek out exploratory (and unresolved) work I did a couple of years ago at a drawing workshop with Audrey Walker.

I was pleased to remember that this work involved explorations of ‘line’ that suggests rhythm and movement. I was actually looking at the threads in the edge of a ripped fabric, but a whole weekend of total absorption in this, allowed a bit of a creative burst to develop these lines into bigger ideas.

The activity of looking at these drawings (and some stitched bits) and sorting and placing them together has allowed me to establish interesting connections and perhaps open up a few thinking ‘doors’.

I’ve made one amusing connection between the rhythm of the repeating curves in the drawings and the clutch of curved willow hanging ‘out of the way’ on my pin board – seen in the last image. So they might be brought into play some time soon!

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  1. Aren't cats nosy? There are definite links to your starlings,will be interested to see how these develop.Your studio looks very tidy,mine needs a good sort out!