Saturday, 26 January 2013

How are we doing?


Splashy and I have been spending time together this afternoon, moving a few ideas around – in my head, on the table and re-arranging my pin board – a very important activity in helping me to sift and evaluate my ideas.

I devised a back-saving working surface by raising an A1 drawing board up a few inches so I could work standing up which I prefer when using paint brushes and making large movements.

Painted curved trial lines onto several pieces of silk organza – based on the series of drawn lines already on pin board - perhaps it was also influenced by  that flicking tail I could see out of the corner of my eye.

Pegged them out to dry, using the radiator rack over the display board. Looking forward to playing with those tomorrow.

I’ve continued pulling threads in the painted linen scrim strips and am interested in how this way of manipulating the line can create rhythms and movement.


  1. Glorious movement, slides 4 and 6 just wonderful. Wonder if my pinboards can inspire me to such results!

  2. Tell Splashy to dip her tail in the paint and voila! I love the idea of pulling threads it really does add movement.

    1. Although the colouring of the tail in the photo looks black, it is actually coloured just like her face which always reminds me of the colours of bleached marks in black brusho, so perhaps she's already been dipping!

  3. It's just fantastic, Siân.

  4. These are wonderful Sian. The pulled threads work so well. Splashy is just gorgeous. I love the idea of her dipping her tail in the paint!

  5. This series is lovely,I too like 4 and 6.How did you get the marks to stay put without leaking into the surrounding fabric?

  6. Lovely loose marks and Splashy looks like a great companion such gorgeous colouring.