Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Finished but not fully flying yet

The series of eight pieces made of spiralling cane after lots of re-arranging, re-twisting, taking apart, re-steaming and re-joining!

Now off to shop for tiny rings to attach to top for hanging fastening and then to work out how it all fits into a box/boxes tomorrow.

P1060893 (2)




  1. Before you set off to fly a glider there are a seies of checks, CB SIT CBE.It must be Module 4 and seeing letters in patterns but can I see those letters in your slides?!! Your birds are obviously getting ready... Bon voyage

  2. Just stumbled across your blog via the blogger "next" function! I really like those pieces of art! These would be so amazing if you get to let them outline a word as well. Really nice!

    Keep it up! Cheers from Germany!
    xx Taty*

    1. Yes, I'd noticed the connection with calligraphy and my bird-flight forms too. Thank you both for noticing this and leaving me a message.