Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Getting wrapped up

Having coloured the canes with dye, the next stage was to add extra features to the spiralling lengths. Working out what to use and how to wrap continue to be interesting tasks. I dyed some fine paper thread and cut silk chiffon (left over from a previous project) into strips. Fighting with lengths of thread and fabrics to control the wrapping rhythm was exciting! One method was to stretch the cane from one sewing machine to another so I could have both hands free. What a fun day!


As well as wrapping with fabric strips, I tied short lengths at intervals to suggest the bird wings. I used some undyed fabric and some dyed to make tonal variation.




Next stage was to join the two different types of wrapped cane lengths to make a more complex structure. Below you can see two sets of pairs. The cane seems to want to ‘do its own thing’, surprise, surprise. I need to work out how to take control of these spirals so they hand just as I want them!



  1. The shadows from the spirals look like they will have a significant effect on the overall piece - wonderful!

  2. This is looking very exciting, Sian, love the independent nature of the willow.

    1. This is looking fabulous Sian. I love the tied birds' wings.

  3. Really like the coils and the contrast of when they are unleashed to fly!