Friday, 23 August 2013

More and more birds

Short lengths of chiffon tied at intervals around the cane spirals denote the murmuring birds and, as Meg noted, they need to be dark. I could see that my dyed chiffon ‘birds’ needed to be darker so I dabbed each one with black Indian ink which worked well and also partially soaked into the grain of the cane, embedding the chiffon visually into the cane – an extra bonus. The image below shows the painted and the unpainted ‘birds’.


I wanted an element of ‘sunset’ in the colouring too so decided to ad touches of different reds to some of the birds.


The paper surface on my worktable became rather interesting too as the canes were rotated around in the bird painting process!


Spiralling canes with painted ‘birds’ drying in the garden, pegged to the bird feeder – temporarily a flower and cane hanging device.birdtree2


  1. I love this ,it captures the same energy you had in the initial drawings.

  2. Beautiful! And I love the accidentally printed paper too.