Monday, 11 July 2011

Distant Stitch Summer School 2011

A special posting for Maggie B and all who missed this year's Summer School.
Sunshine and clouds over Urchfont Manor but all was bright inside the studios and dining room for the 2012 Distant Stitch Summer School, where tutors, Jan Evans and Mary Sleigh lead the participants through two wonderful workshops that kept everyone inspired and productive between the meals.

Urchfont Manor, viewed from the rear of the main house.

Jane, Alison R and Alison G, from UK, studying Mary Sleigh's extensive collection of African textiles.

Daniela, from Italy,working with hand stitching and beads inspired by African textiles.

Jan's busy studio in the coach house: Eila from NZ, left, Margaret from USA, right, Kaye from UK, standing

Carrie,  left, and Sheila, both from UK, enjoy adding stitching to their pieces of work.

Workshop tutor, Jan Evans, right, chats to Evelyne, from France, about progress on her super work.

Breakfast sunshine in the dining room.

As usual, we were so well looked after by the staff at Urchfont. Lunches were a delight for us all, including Betty, from UK, with this colourful array of lunchtime salads decorated with edible flowers.  

Part of the walled gardens at Urchfont, where a lot of the veg, fruit and herbs are grown.

Sian, centre right, tutors Mary Sleigh, Jan Evans and Lizzy Lewis seated right.
A gathering of Distant Stitch students from many countries, outside the main door of Urchfont Manor.
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Visit the Distant Stitch website for more photos and please 'post' your own Summer School work on your own blogs.


  1. Thanks for putting up the photos, Sian. It's lovely to spot familiar faces. Looks like the lunches have not lost any of their appeal!
    cheers Helen

  2. Looks like another great summer school Sian, am enjoying seeing some interesting pieces on the girls individual blogs. Thanks for posting the photos.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, Sian. Can't believe its a week since we left. What a great time we had - looking forward to next years Summer School.

  4. Thank you Sian for yet another fantastic summer school, Urchfont for me is such a joy every year!