Friday, 22 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 8 - 'drawing between the lines' Tracey Emin

I've taken another quote from Tracey Emin 'drawing between the lines' for today's task. Not entirely sure what her reference was but perhaps the idea of looking at things with a different 'eye' might relate to this idea - of drawing of an object without drawing the actual form of the object but just recording its surface details to suggest its form.
You will need to choose an object that has surface pattern. My smooth plum has started to develop some wrinkles but not quite enough, although I did try the top area around the stalk as you can see in the centre top, straddling the spiral binding!
Other objects I looked at had more obvious pattern - the pine cone and cockle shell. I realised that I was drawing the individual segments of the pine cone with lines along the edges, where I should have been looking at the fine ripples along each segment.Too obvious for words so please ignore this as a good example of this task. I was probably too eager to place this onto a page to use the perfectly shaped collaged newsprint - firmly glued down (note Jenn's tip). I also discarded the oyster shell as this was too flat.
Then I looked at an interesting piece of stone with subtle lines along each surface. I don't think the photo shows this up so you have to believe me!

TODAY'S TASK - Using only line and any medium or combination of media, describe a 3D form using only its internal patterning.The undulations of your lines will allow the eye to be able to see the 3D form. The shell below was drawn using a dryish paint brush, producing bands of multiple lines. I wish I'd placed this drawing so the the spiral binding was part of the drawing.
TODAY'S TIP - Use different markers to suggest different width of line. Press harder to suggest a surface that is in shade.

I thought you might like to see this example of a scraper-board method by my father. This shows how he used lines, dots to describe the 3D forms of the landscape and of course the shell.
Anyone guess the famous Welsh landmark?

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  1. I've just been looking at all the featured blogs and I'm running out of ways to compliment everyone on all their beautiful drawings. You have certainly inspired everyone and I love seeing the different styles. I'm a little bit behind with my drawings but I'm enjoying doing them.
    The detail on your Father's work is amazing when you look at it in close up. Is the landmark Worms Head?

  2. Yes, you're right Meg - my favourite place. Sian