Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 5 - 'learning your lines'

My plums are getting riper! I couldn't resist putting two together after looking at Tracey Emin's work on Sunday. Ripped pieces of ticket to the exhibition made a collaged ground which was then stained with coloured inks - which turned out a bit too vividly but possibly, in context, OK? She called her gran, 'Plum' which made a connection for me with one of  my chosen objects. "You call me Plum and I'll call you 'Pudding". Her stitched upholstered chair was called 'Plum'. It was good to see evidence of real love and affection in her life.

TODAY'S TASK - Create a personalised ground that relates to the object you wish to draw. This allows you to put your object within a context, either related or alien. Use, humour, wit, irony or perhaps make a point of view.You can ignore the background surface when drawing or perhaps place your object within it as if it becomes part of the surface. For instance you might choose to draw an egg onto a newspaper article about battery hens or a recipe for an eggy dish (Urchfont's cheesy egg for instance)

TODAY'S TIP - 'Learning your lines'. If you have chosen a new object today - draw it several times on a plainish sketchbook page to get to know it - 'learn your lines'. Drawing onto a 'busy' background needs you to concentrate on drawing your object. If you have been drawing your object for the last few days, you can skip this preliminary exercise.

I shall add blog addresses to this blog site if you'd like to share your own sketchbook pages on your blog. I like your banana Jane!

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  1. I'm really enjoying this.Thank you Sian.I'm beginning to change my mindset into a sketch book way of thinking which I didn't know how to do before, it's quite addictive!