Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 3

TODAY'S TASK - Make another drawing either of the same object using a different marker or a different object with the same marker. Or maybe change both object and marker. Keep the shapes simple ones for this first set of drawings. I've chosen to draw an egg shell and am using a fine black pen. I'll finish the drawing tomorrow as I'm off to London today to see the Tracey Ermin exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. I'm determined to discover what makes this woman so fascinating to the art world! I'm taking my sketchbook with me so you might see more than an egg tomorrow.

TODAY'S TIP - To help you gauge the accurate shape of your object, place it on a sheet of paper the same size as your sketchbook page or a sheet that is larger but the same proportion. Mark points on your sketchbook page to give you an idea of its outline and main edges and you're off!
Left: Egg placed on paper same size as sketchbook page. Right: Mug of tea placed on larger paper but same proportions as sketchbook page which this photo doesn't show, but the length and width are one and a half times larger.

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  1. If you're off to say Tracey Emin, who knows what we can expect tomorrow! Seriously, though, she does produce a lot of embroidered pieces and "memory" works. I'm also surprised to find myself getting won over by Grayson Perry. He has even designed some fabrics for Liberty. I prefer him out of a frock though, if you get my drift!