Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 14 - continue with colour

TODAY'S TASK - Today I am going to continue ideas for drawing with colour, using oil pastels and water soluble pencils. These are the chunky 'Stabilo' sort which are great for adding strong colour, either as a dry marker or with water.
Both these types of markers can be used to build up layers of colours to make just the right variations you need. They don't seem to mix together well as the pencil finds it difficult to stick to the oil pastel. You might find that different media behave differently so you could use your initiative when reading the tips below.
TODAY'S TIP -  You can use colouring 'markers' to make lines and also to build blocks of colour. Firstly, use the line to help you discover the different colour areas of your object, just to draft in the shapes.   Then start to make solid areas of colour, perhaps by building layers of different colours to get a good match with your observed object. NOTE: Making a colour in this way creates a very rich coloured surface which always seems more interesting than using just one 'correct' colour. You can see the wide range of different colours used to record the rather limited colouring of my plum, so I'm grateful that I didn't have a pencil called 'plum colour'
If you are using a water soluble marker

If you are using a water soluble marker, you can blend in the different coloured layers - although not too much as this negates the wonderful colouring you've just achieved.

Your final task - perhaps tomorrow - is to 'colour-in' one of your extra prints of your original composition. The shapes of each of your objects will be much smaller so try not to be too ambitious in the amount of detail you try to record - just the main colour patches.
Happy colouring!

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