Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 13 - shining your highlights

Yesterday, you coloured a background of a group of objects, ready for adding in the objects later. Scan this page and print out several copies of it so you can experiment with different ways of drawing the objects. I made four copies (but can only squeeze two in below) and can always print more if needed. I printed onto good quality cartridge paper and not the typical thin computer printer paper which is horrid to draw on. I inserted two images onto one A4 sheet so that each print would end up the same size as my opened sketchbook page.

TODAY'S TASK - Firstly, select one of your objects from your composition to look at in detail. I suggest you use a liquid medium for today's drawing; inks or water colour paints, to study just one of the objects.
Secondly, when you feel confident, colour-in the voided spaces in one of your backgrounds. The left image below shows mine 'in progress' with the hollyhock and plum completed and the aquilegia leaves and lettuce leaf just with added dabs of 'water'. See the video in 'tips'. The right image below shows all four objects completed. This painting was done onto a 'copy' - so you'll notice that I was happily able to work over the spirals with ease!


TODAY'S TIPS - Place dabs of water to the areas that indicate the shiny highlights. Before these dry, add your paint/ink to the surrounding areas and touch the water patches to allow the colour to merge into the edges of the wet patch. Dab more water to the patches if they are not allowing this gentle 'flooding' to happen around the edges of the wet patches. This short video shows this in action! It has also been added to the Summer Sketchbook Project Day 13 on the Distant Stitch website.

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