Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 10 - day of rest

No new tasks today except to tidy up your worktable and get ready for bursting into COLOUR tomorrow. I thought you might like to see the corner of my workroom where I've been working on my sketchbook. My sleeping 'apprentice' in her basket likes to feel close by.
My table is a lovely solid oak refectory table one of several discarded by Urchfont Manor a few years ago when they up-dated their dining room furniture. I love this table as it is so sturdy and big. Mike(Urchfont's night watchman) and Rosie brought it to Wind Whistle Cottage in the Urchfont minibus. We nearly didn't get it in through the sliding doors, but one final push from Mike and it was in.
It's very helpful if you can set up your own 'corner' even if it's just a large tray which can be moved away when you need the table for something else.
Put some covering onto your 'table' ready for the next sketchbook task and look out all your colouring media - dry and wet and find an old pot for water. Collect a few objects all in the same colour range. My plum is still around so I'm going to collect some reds and other 'plum' coloured objects.
See you tomorrow!

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