Friday, 29 July 2011

Sketchbook Day 15 - scribble away!

TODAY'S TASK - Use biros and felt tip pens to scribble away! Build up layers of vigorous coloured marks to record the surface of your object. Search around the house for all the different colours you might have 

TODAY'S TIPS - Find out if your biro or pen reacts in an interesting way when used on a wet surface; some of mine did so I wet the paper first. Others that didn't work on a wet surface, I had to wait until it dried to use them.
Your colour range will probably be limited and possibly a bit 'bright'. Layer your colours to create more subtle mixtures and in the process create fascinating effects.
These pens will also make very narrow lines so the pattern you make to 'colour in' larger areas will allow you to change direction to describe a rounded or textured surface. 
You can then 'colour-in' another of your prints. I challenged myself not to use a black in this drawing (although I did in the first plum study) but to make dark areas by building up layers - lucky the paper was thick or I might have scribbled right through! I had great fun adding scribbled colour to the background colour and seeping out over the edge.
Take a look at Daniela's lovely biro drawings on her blog - 'stitching in the sun', below. Would you like me to add a link to your blog?
Happy scribbling!

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  1. I've given up watching TV - this is much better!