Friday 17 August 2007

The Holiday Loop

My first entry this month. It's surprising how busy you can be when you're on holiday! I won't mention the weather, but its been a good month to be creative indoors. I've been making progress on a series of textile pieces inspired by news of an awaited addition to our family in the form of a scanned foetal image. I've printed this image onto fabric using ready prepared linen and voile from 'Crafty Computer Papers ( ) I've then incorporated these fabric images within the surface of my work, using water-soluble computerised machine stitching and a layer of broken egg shells. A large triptych is called 'With Child' and a series of smaller pieces 'Maternity'.
A different project has involved me adding a couple of pages to a handmade book by Mary Youles. I've placed some of my ideas for the 'foetal scan series' on these pages below for you to see the various associated ideas and 'thinking' that takes place at the beginning of any creative project.
Each member of the Practical Study Group (www.practicalstudygroup) is making a contribution to Mary's book by adding interesting things to a double page. When complete it will be an amazingly interesting and beautiful textile item as part of 'Collaboration' the touring exhibition by the Practical Study Group, starting at the Bankfield Museum and Art Gallery, Halifax in March 2008. Look out for further details here later.