Tuesday 22 February 2022

Printed explorations

 Braving the rather cold temperatures in December and January, and finding inspiration in the wonderful wetland area at Avalon Marshes, Somerset. 

Reeds, trees and water: rhythm and reflections. An atmospheric sense of history as you walk along the rebuilt Sweet Way of laid wooden planks to keep your feet above the water level. Imagining the ancient foot steps of people walking along the paths connecting villages in the wetlands areas of Somerset.

A collagraph printing workshop with Sue Brown (suebrownprintmaker.blogspot.com) was the opportunity to explore the drawn marks in a different way. Scoring, layering and ripping back mounting card created a printing 'block'. Using a combination of two delicious colours of oil printing inks, produced some wonderful results on the  fabric surface as well as the printing block itself.

Printing onto translucent surfaces such a organdie, organza and previously coloured fabrics, it was possible to overlay and produce the ethereal effects I am trying to capture in my marshland drawings.


A collage of different fabrics made an interesting 'bed' for printing showing a combination of actual stitches and printed stitches.