Monday 25 February 2008

Creative Dialogues

General view of one of the galleries at the Bankfield Museum showing the design and embroidery 'creative dialogue' between Sian and Iris Martin. The photo below shows Iris' painting of 'The Cockle Gatherer' and machine embroideries 'Plant Studies'.

Mother and Child designs and eccesiastical embroidery portfolio by Iris Martin in glass cabinet at Bankfield Museum.

A busy spring (and therefore no time to add to blog, sorry) to build up work for an exhibition 'Creative Dialogues' with the Practical Study Group. This will be a touring exhibition, starting in the Bankfield Museum, Halifax then travelling to Walsall, Taunton, Peebles and Portsmouth over the next year or so. Hopefully this will give you an opportunity to see it. I've posted the invite to the Bankfield Museum and will put more detailed information on this blog as each venue date comes nearer.

My own contribution illustrates my 'dialogue' with my mother, Iris Martin. Design and embroidery pieces by both of us showing a close link in the sources of our ideas, although using very different ways of conveying them. I hope you'll find this interesting. The whole exhibition looks wonderful and there's a super full colour catalogue to collect as well as postcards.