Monday 25 September 2017

September in the gallery

Long weeks of drawing, thinking, playing with materials and resolving ideas into finished pieces which I was pleased with. 

The final job, to make little labels to sew onto each finished piece: hand written onto thin stiff fabric.

The everything was carefully packed into plastic boxes, ready to be delivered to CICCIC gallery. The car was just large enough!


I didn't take any photos of the setting up day - probably too busy! But it is up and ready for the first public day and Private View evening a few days later.Visitors' book ready for all the lovely comments to be written. Thank you to everyone who came which made all three of us feel well supported and our work appreciated.

us 3

Left - Pauline Lerry, painter;

Centre - Lesley Roberts, photographer

Right - Sian Martin, textile artist.

John Martin came from Cornwall to play the acoustic guitar for us at the Private View.


Showing work to visitors and telling the story of how Steart Marshes had inspired us to produce this body of work......

Stop waving your hands Sian!

.....especially the Steart Marshes mud which was given a special status of 'art' by being presented on a glass shelf.

Steart mud was used to coat some of the weathered fabrics and, with gilded edges, were used to make "Hidden Treasure" - below.

This wonderful mud is helping us to save the planet by absorbing carbon-dioxide so is very precious stuff.

Weathered fabric fragments, coated in Steart mud and the edges gilded with gold paint. Little 'nuggets' of gold mud were wrapped with gold threads and tiny gold beads.

Appropriately named nibbles at the Private View.

The gallery lights cast exciting shadows and added to the drama of my 3D work.

"Fragile Cradles"

"Pools of Sky"

A visit from ITV on the first weekend of Somerset Arts Works Festival. Pauline stood beside her work and spoke well into the camera. Several shots that spanned around the gallery, some looking through the spaces in my own work. A very short clip was shown on the Sunday evening. Well done Pauline.