Monday 16 October 2017

Views of ‘Change’ exhibition at CICCIC gallery in Taunton

three  Sian

20170924_123244Posing for photographs is never easy when trying to look ‘relaxed’ and ‘natural’ by photographers.

Lesley and I pushed Pauline forwards when a live interview was needed by the ITV cameraman. She did exceptionally well and we saw her on the West Country news that evening.

Thank you to everyone who came to view the exhibition and all the wonderful comments you eft in our visitors’ book.


From Lynda Duthie -

"You have the edge on most venues and collectives because your exhibition is not just a random collection of pieces of your various work.  You have done this as a collective over a whole year; it is considered; you know each other well, you work well together and your varied talents complement each other.  It shows! You must know that it is already a success but you all deserve good, appreciative audiences and acknowledgement of what you have achieved!"

From Jenny Blackburn -

"I have just got back from visiting your exhibition - Congratulations , it's a knock out. By far the best thing I have seen in Arts Week for several years. You must be very pleased with it."

From  Elizabeth Fortescue -

"This is very exciting. Three complimentary artists looking in detail with their differing textures and lines. Fantastic collage photography - new to me and very successful - Pauline's quality of line and subtle colour and Siân's beautiful textural sculpture. Thank you for your inspiration"


The gallery had three long walls – one for each of the three artists. This was my wall – a continuous long white area, lit by overhad spots that made the shadow potentila of my linear pieces very dramatic.




Groupings seemed to work well too. Here you can see ‘Getting there’ above the spiralling ‘Freedom’ with two smaller ‘Landing’ and ‘Taking Off’ pieces.


Thank you for all the advice on Facebook as to how many layers to present these ‘Stars of Steart’.I layered two in the outside stars (seen as a single image below) and a single layer in the centre one.