Friday 10 July 2020

A hedgerow of roots

Hedges that form the boundaries of my small garden environment and walks along narrow lanes of the village are full of linear texture and rhythms of branches, twigs and grasses.


I love the linear lacy effect of the roots of some buttercup plants I pulled up, so I cleaned off the earth to see the intricate linear effect.

If you look at an object long enough, you start to see things in a different perspective.Turning them up-side-down suggested a different character, perhaps echoing how the above ground structure reflects the below ground structure of plants, with a distinct connection with the linear effect of the hedges. 

Drawn lines seemed to relate to the lines of the roots and marks made using a root as a drawing tool made a connection for me too.

A few root wrapping trials using, scrim and wires, returning them temporarily to the garden as a bouquet.

Then looking at the root structure more carefully and working out how to present them - as I was keen to echo the marks and colours in the sketchbook drawing.

Using wire, pieces of scrim and fine threads to add to the network of fine roots and wrapping the stems with slithers of scrim and dyed silk to transfer the colours and lines of the drawing into the textile.

Each set of roots positioned on individual fabric strips as if demonstration root samples.